Indonesian citizen, 63 years old, holds a Level III Nautical Expert (ANT-III) diploma from Seafaring Science Polytechnic (PIP) Semarang in 1982, Level II Nautical Expert (ANT-II) from PIP Semarang in 1987, Level I Nautical Expert (ANT-I) from Jakarta Center for Refresher and Enhancement of Maritime Science Education (BP3IP) in 1992.

Serves as Director of the Company since 2023.

Served at Pacific International Lines (PIL), Pacific Ocean Line Singapore (POL) and Malaysian Shipping Corporation (MSC) as Seafarer, 3rd Officer, 2nd Officer, Chief Officer, Master Ocean Going Vessel with various Vessel Type, Bulk Carrier, Container, Tanker (1982-1999), PT Indonesia Bulk Terminal as Operation Manager (2000-2005), PT Mitrabahtera Segara Sejati Tbk as Onshore Manager (2005-2011), PT Transcoal Pacific Tbk as General Manager Transshipment (2011-2015), PT Ship Transport Services as Chief Operating Officer and Fuel Handling (2015-2017), Semarang Shipping Science Polytechnic (PIP) as Lecturer (2017-2018), PT Melco Jaya Bahari as Ship Master Bulk Carrier 48,000 tons (2018-2019), PT Mahakam Coal Terminal as Chief Operating Officer (2019-2023) and President Director (2023-present), and PT Ancara Logistics Indonesia Tbk as Chief Operating Officer (2019-2023) and Director (2023-present).