Inter Transshipment Points

MCT (Subsidiary) is engaged in the operation of a special terminal for its own use which is used for loading coal from barges to stockpiles and vice versa.

MCT (Subsidiary) is a special licensed port terminal, used for the process of loading coal from barges to the stockpile and vice versa. The ISP is equipped with 4 special berths for unloading coal from river barges and 1 berth for loading coal onto ocean barges. It is equipped with heavy equipment and infrastructure such as excavators, grab cranes, dozers, wheel loaders, conveyor jetty with a capacity of 1,500 tons per hour, and stockpiles with a capacity of 230,000 tons and other facilities. MCT has the capacity to handle 7 million tons of coal.

Below is the information of terminal business for its own purpose, owned by MCT:

Year of Operation
PT Mahakam Coal Terminal
Name of Operator

PT Swakarya Kencana Services and PT Buana Laksa Abadi

Year of cooperation with Operator


Year of end cooperation with Operator


Detail cooperation with Operator

PT Swakarya Kencana Servis as heavy equipment operator and PT Buana Laksa Abadi as conveyor operator

Stockpile Capacity (ton)

230.000 MT

Barge Loader Capacity

1 unit