The Company is committed to providing customers with comprehensive and customized solutions in mining logistics services that include transportation, transshipment, and other mining services.

PT, Ancara Logistics Indonesia (the Company) was founded in 2019 with the main objective to manage and support mining and shipping logistics services primarily for coal mines.

The Company’s main activity currently is managing the transportation of coal using barges and loading coal on to mother vessels using the FTU. This activity is supported by the required permits and certifications such as SIUPAL (Sea Transport Company Business Permit), ISM (International Safety Management) Code and ISPS (International Ship and Port Facility Security) Code. ISM code is an international standard for safety management in ship operations as well as efforts to prevent/control environmental pollution. Meanwhile, the ISPS code is a comprehensive regulation regarding steps to increase security for ships and port facilities.

In its business processes, the Company is also supported by a subsidiary (MCT – PT Mahakam Coal Terminal) which operates in the field of special terminal operations for its own purposes which are used for the process of loading coal from barges to the stockpile and vice versa.

In accordance with the Company’s vision to become a comprehensive logistics and mining services provider which includes transportation, transshipment and other services ranging from exploration and production to the final consumer, the Company is planning to grow rapidly along with the business growth of our 2 (two) main customers, namely PT. Ade Putra Tanrajeng and PT. Guruh Putra Bersama and the significant growth of the mining logistics business.