Indonesian citizen, 46 years old, holds a Bachelor in Science of French and Sociology from Georgetown University in 1999 and Master of Science in Communications, Culture and Technology from Georgetown University in 2002.

Serves as Commissioner of the Company since 2023.

Served at PT Andalas Cakrawala Televisi (ANTV) as Marketing Executive (2002-2003), Deputy of GM Marketing, Sales & Programming (2003-2005) and Deputy Director of Programming & Production (2005-2006), PT Asia Global Media as Deputy of Chief Executive Officer (2006-2010), PT Bakrie Swasakti Utama as Director of Commercial Leasing (2007-2011) and Deputy of Managing Director (2011-2015), PT Bakrie Pesona Rasuna as Director (2013-2016), PT Bakrie Global Ventura as President Commissioner (2013-present), PT Ade Putra Tanrajeng as Director (2020-present), PT Guruh Putra Bersama as Director (2020-present), PT Kutai Bara Nusantara as Director (2020-present), PT Tribara Daya Global as Director (2020-present), PT Bara Milenia Energi as Director (2020-present), PT Sekar Utama Perkasa as Director (2020-present), PT Leap Coal Indonesia (2020-present), Bakrie Untuk Negeri as Executive Director (2022 -present), PT Mahakam Coal Terminal as Commissioner (2023-present), and PT Ancara Logistics Indonesia Tbk as Commissioner (2023-present).